How to Treat Chronic Pain Without Becoming Addicted to Opiates

How to Treat Chronic Pain - Freedom From Addiction

The Pervasive Prescription Drug Problem

How to Treat Chronic Pain Without Becoming Addicted to Opiates

We all know that there is a serious addiction problem in the United States today, but one of the largest aspects of this problem has to do with prescription drug use. Those who have long lasting pain because of a surgery, illness or injury often need to take prescription medications, and in most cases these medications are opiates. Opiate drugs have been used for many years to treat pain, and they do a great job at it. Currently, doctors and surgeons continue to recommend these drugs to people who have chronic pain. The only problem is that opiates are also extremely addictive. In addition to taking away pain for thousands of people around the world, they can also provide mental relief from stress and anxiety and relax people. As a result, people want to keep taking these drugs. This means that to treat chronic pain without becoming addicted to opiates can be difficult for some individuals.

How to Treat Chronic Pain Without Becoming Addicted to Opiates

In order to treat chronic pain without becoming addicted to opiates, professionals recommend several strategies. First, it is important to have frank discussions with your doctors or surgeons. If you have been addicted to these drugs in the past or worry about taking them because of any other type of past addiction or for any reason at all, it is your responsibility to voice that. Your doctor may be able to offer an alternative drug for your pain. Also make sure you know about drug interactions. For example, you won't be able to drink alcohol with these drugs, and some other meds may interfere. Finally, be aware of yourself as you take these meds. Try homeopathic remedies and simple rest and stretching to treat chronic pain without becoming addicted to opiates.

Getting Freedom From Addiction With Professional Treatment

If you or a loved one is currently addicted to a pain medication or any other type of substance, you should reach out for professional help. These addictions are real diseases, and they should be treated as such with professional help. Being addicted to pain medication or any other substance may make you feel bad about yourself. There is certainly a lot of stigma surrounding these types of addiction. As a community, we can do a lot to help remove this stigma. Until then, you've got to do what you can to help yourself and put yourself into a better situation. No matter how far down the path of addiction you are, you can always get help. Reach out today to find the rehabilitation treatment plan that best suits your needs. A reputable drug rehab center like Freedom from Addiction is always an option. 

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