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“Rehab” (short for rehabilitation) is also known as drug addiction treatment and is a professionally managed way to begin recovery from substance abuse. It’s what makes your freedom from addiction possible. Rehab occurs after detox and is a longer process (detox only lasts as long as it takes for the substances to leave your body and for you to stabilize medically). Drug abuse is often a long-term problem, so drug rehab can take time and sometimes multiple attempts are required before full recovery is possible.

Rehab offers a break from your normal surroundings and creates a safe space for you to begin getting healthy.

What Is The Rehab Process Like?

There is a standard process that includes some customization for each individual.
1. Intake processing and assessment: Your health, both mental and physical, will be evaluated so that professionals can decide on the care that is right for you. This process involves a medical work-up plus any necessary tests, along with information from you about your drug addiction.
2. Creation of a treatment plan: Each plan is individual and depends on the drug(s) of abuse, any co-existing medical or mental health condition(s), length of addiction, and other factors. A treatment plan typically includes:

1. Behavioral therapy and counseling.
2. Substance use monitoring (possibly including periodic drug testing).
3. Clinical case management to ensure that all your needs are met.
4. Pharmacotherapy (the use of medication).
5. Self-help/peer support groups.

How long each part of the treatment plan lasts depends on the individual. For example, behavioral therapy may be only weeks long, but many find that peer support (such as 12-step groups) are helpful on a permanent basis.
3. Continuing care: During this phase the recovering addict continues with the parts of the treatment that are needed to keep him or her on track. Relapse is possible, so it’s important to continue to actively participate in your recovery program even after leaving rehab. It may also require changing the people you associate with and the places where you spend time, at least for a while, while you build a solid foundation.


Full and comprehensive rehab includes many components. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, all of the following may be needed during rehab:

l Child care services, which are particularly critical during inpatient rehab stays.
l Vocational services, to help addicts that may have lost their jobs.
l Mental health services, as addiction is a mental health issue. In addition, people with addictions can have other mental illnesses.
l Medical services, which are typically used during detox but may be ongoing.
l Educational services, to learn about addiction and treatment.
l HIV/AIDS services, which may be needed for those who have contracted this condition because of their drug use.
l Legal services, for those that may have gotten in trouble with the law due to their drug addiction.
l Financial services, for those that may have debt or other issues.
l Housing/transportation services, which may be needed if an addiction has caused homelessness.
l Family services, for loved ones who have been affected by the addiction.

A single rehab program may not offer all of these services, but they can put you in touch with other providers who can help.


There are many rehabs to choose from and it may seem daunting. You may ask yourself questions like, “What do I wear?” “Will it be pleasant?” and “Will they treat me ‘less than?’” Some people are concerned about the shame they will feel when they leave rehab and enter back into normal society. “What will my friends think?” and “What will my employer think?” are common concerns. The important thing is to choose to get help. Once you make that decision everything else starts to fall into place.

Addiction rehab can be a complex process, and not all treatments work for all people. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts. But remember that rehab does work, and it has helped many people over the years.

You can become drug free. You can overcome addiction.

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