Recovery is what happens after you’ve treated your addiction and are no longer controlled by it. If you or your loved one are currently active in an addiction, it’s important to know that recovery is always possible. Hope is real; there is no addiction that cannot be healed. You can live a life of freedom in recovery.


People who have come through an addiction and have entered recovery are extremely grateful to be there. They feel much better both psychologically and physically. Most addicts know how close they were to destroying—or even losing—their lives. Every day in recovery is seen as a blessing. People in recovery no longer feel ashamed and can look others in the eye. They can also look themselves in the eye in the mirror.

People in recovery also get their lives back on track in terms of their job, family & friends. These things may have fallen away during the addiction, but it’s possible to get them all back.

Addicts in recovery are willing to help others achieve sobriety. They do this by giving back through volunteering at 12-step meetings, and by telling their stories of experience, strength, and hope to others.


The families of people in recovery are extremely grateful to have their loved ones back. They are able to see how far the addict has come – often before the recovering addict sees it in him or herself. Families and friends tend to rally around the person in recovery and offer help, as long as the genuine intent is to achieve, and stay in, recovery.


It’s important to realize that recovery is a process you work at every day, and that relapse is possible. Some people do end up taking one step back before taking two steps forward. Even if this happens, though, it should not be considered a failure; this is part of the individual’s journey forward and it is never too late to work towards recovery again.

Here at Freedom From Addiction we know the road to recovery can be long and bumpy, and we want you to know that we’re here to help you or your loved one through the process. Please see our resources archive for current, accurate addiction research and information. Stop by our success stories for positive and inspiring stories of recovery from real people just like you or your loved one. And if you are in recovery, please consider sharing your story with us so that you can help others see that they are not alone, and that the journey to freedom is possible for them, too.

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