Fentanyl Abuse and Opiate Addiction Treatment Options

Fentanyl Abuse Treatment Options - Freedom From Addiction

In the world today, opiates are the leading cause of addiction as well as fatal overdoses. Compared to heroin and cocaine, more people pass away from prescription opiate overdoses than both of these other street drugs combined.

One of the common forms of the drug that people abuse comes in a synthetic form called Fentanyl. This medication is used to treat chronic pain, and Fentanyl is one of the most potent forms of opioids around. In fact, Fentanyl is significantly more potent than morphine, which is one of the strongest prescription opiates out there.

Abuse of Fentanyl

This medication can come in a few different forms, and it’s so potent that it’s often made into some type of time-released medication. Some people are given lozenges, but they’re also known as “lollipops” because the person sucks on them like a cough drop as it releases the medication. Other people are given patches of the medication that can be placed on the skin with adhesive while it gradually releases the medication into the system.

The medication is more potent than heroin, and heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs a person can get on the street. People abuse Fentanyl in a variety of different ways. Some people cut the patches open and ingest the liquid directly, or they may inject the medication. One can also freeze the patches and place the patch under their tongue or in their cheek cavity for a quicker release and stronger high.

Addiction Treatment for Opiate Addicts

When individuals have realized that they’ve lost control of their drug abuse, they have the opportunity to begin a new life, and it starts by checking into an addiction treatment center. First, individuals will go through a thorough medical evaluation so the facility can gauge their dependence to opiates. This must be done because opiates cause people’s minds and bodies to become extremely dependent, which then leads to symptoms of withdrawal.

The addiction treatment center will put these individuals through a medical or holistic detox to help cleanse their bodies while also minimizing their symptoms of withdrawal. Once this is complete, individuals will have a clear enough mind to begin the rehabilitation process. Addiction treatment is the best way to get sober and stay sober, but finding the right facility can seem overwhelming, so let Freedom From Addiction help you. Call us today.

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