Sean's Story - Freedom From Addiction

My name is Sean and I'm an addict. I've been clean for almost two and a half years. I've gone from being homeless to being a father, home owner and Retail manager. I smoked pot and drank as a teenager but I never felt like I was addicted to drugs or alcohol. I started abusing anything I could get my hands on, I was doing stuff to myself I wouldn't let anyone do to me. One day I looked in the mirror and I saw a junkie staring straight back at me.

I reached out to my mom for help and she called Freedom From Addiction because I was helpless. They found me a program to help me detox and get the quality treatment that I needed. I was surrounded by therapists that helped me create a foundation for managing my addiction.

It still isn't easy. I take life one day at a time, but I know how to get through the pressures without relapsing. I've got a beautiful wife, a 2-year-old son and a baby girl on the way now. I've got a life to live for and people that depend on me, and I owe it all to my mom for calling Freedom From Addiction.

* This story was submitted voluntarily to share hope and inspire others. This story is of their own experience and does not represent the point of view of Freedom From Addiction. Freedom From Addiction believes recovery is a personal journey and peoples experiences vary.

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