What Is The Revolving Door of Rehab and How Can I Avoid It?

Revolving Door of Rehab - Freedom From Addiction

Addiction is an extremely powerful mental illness, and addicts often take it for granted. The revolving door of rehab that people sometimes refer means that there are people who come in and out. It'd be great to think that all addicts can go to rehab once and everything sinks in for them, but that's just not the case. The revolving door of rehab sees some people come through any given facility four, five, or six times. Some credit should be given to those who actually go through the revolving door of rehab because they're at least trying to get better. Unfortunately, they're also playing a dangerous game.

The Dangers of the Revolving Door of Rehab

Those who come in and out of rehab often aren't taking the facility or the treatment seriously. Some people who are doing this think of rehab as a place to clean up and "get a reset" on life just so they can go back to their old ways as soon as they leave. There are also those who legitimately try to stay sober, but they relapse within a few months. When people are dealing with an addiction to drugs like heroin, prescription medications, or alcohol, they may not have the luxury of coming back to rehab. There are thousands of people who die each year because they thought they were just going to use one last time, but they ended up overdosing and passing away. Addiction is a deadly disease, and it should be treated as such.

What Causes the Revolving Door of Rehab?

Those who get stuck in the cycle of going in and out of treatment aren't making the necessary changes in their lives once they leave. It's often said that the only thing one has to change is everything, and this is very true. Those coming in and out of rehab typically return to old situations or old behaviors that are a direct path back to relapse. This can involve toxic relationships, groups of friends or a stressful job. The list can be endless, but these are usually the people who only take some of the suggestions of their discharge plan rather than all of them.

How Can You Be Free From Addiction?

When you go to a drug and alcohol rehab, take all of the suggestions you can. You're in the care of qualified professionals who genuinely want to see you succeed. Follow your discharge plan as best as you can. If the facility recommends going to 90 meeting in 90 days, moving to a sober living home, or continuing with aftercare treatment or an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), you should do it. There's a lot to be said about those who have the courage to come back to treatment, so be sure you stop the cycle as quickly as possible if you happen to relapse, but try to learn from your old mistakes. If you've had trouble with rehab and with relapse, Freedom From Addiction can help you.

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