What is a Sober Living Program?

Sober Living Program - Freedom From Addiction

If you’re a true addict, you’ve probably come to the realization that getting sober is a whole lot easier than staying sober. Going into a drug and alcohol treatment facility is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but when you discharge, your journey has just begun.

One of the biggest mistakes newly sober addicts make is that they leave treatment and go straight back to their old life. This can be the cause of a relapse, and individuals will find themselves back in treatment within a few weeks or months, and that’s if they’re lucky enough to have the willingness to return to treatment. This is why it’s so important to consider going to a sober living program when you discharge so you can have more of a transitional period before fully returning to your life.


Those who have great insurance benefits or the money to do so will stay in a treatment program for anywhere from 30 to 90 days. While you’re in treatment, you’re in a safety bubble. If you’re like most people, you relocated to get sober, and this is a great decision because all of your triggers are typically back home.

The problem is, jumping from the safety of a rehab facility back into your old life can often be much more than a person can handle. Your environments is usually one of your biggest triggers. Whether it’s your friends, family, spouse, neighborhood, job or school, it’s difficult to go straight to that situation after rehab. While you may be sober longer than you’ve ever been in your life, it takes a lot of life experience in sobriety to know how to handle situations properly without turning to alcohol or drugs.


A sober living program gives you the opportunity to have some transitional time before you return to your old life. The sober living program is there to give you more freedom than you had during addiction treatment, but you’ll still have the support and guidance from fellow addicts as well as a staff who cares about your recovery. You can go to a sober living program in your hometown or out of state, but you’ll have the benefits of continuing to strengthen your recovery while you begin to rebuild relationships with your loved ones or return to work or school.

Drug treatment is an ongoing process, and we’re here to help you through it with as many resources as we can. If you’d like more information about sober living programs, please don’t hesitate to call Freedom From Addiction today at 1 844 HELP NOW.

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