What is a Relapse Prevention Program for Addiction?

Relapse Prevention Program - Freedom From Addiction

If you’re like most addicts, you’ve tried to quit on your own. It’s not uncommon for addicts who are abusing drugs or alcohol to be fed up with the way they’re living and quit for days, weeks or months at a time, but they return to their old habits, and they’re addiction picks up right where it left off.

This situation can leave an addict feeling helpless and defeated. But remember that many people are feeling this way—not just you. The problem is that many addicts who try to get sober on their own aren’t involved with a relapse prevention program for addiction, so they turn back to their old ways without knowing why.


Drugs and alcohol are only a symptom of the disease of addiction. Most addicts are abusing drugs and alcohol for a variety of different reasons. One of the primary causes of relapse is mental illness. Whether addicts have an undiagnosed or untreated mental illness, it’s virtually impossible to stay serene and tranquil when your mind is making you feel anxious or depressed.

Other addicts never knew how to properly deal with life on life’s terms. When issues with friends or family arise, bills are due or there’s stress in the workplace, the only way addicts know how to deal with these situations is by turning to drugs or alcohol. With the proper relapse prevention program, addicts can maintain their sobriety while living an incredible life.


Many rehab centers around the country offer aftercare as part of their relapse prevention program. For those who are local to the facility, many rehabs have groups where the alumni of the facility come back to discuss life in sobriety and what challenges they’re facing. Much like group therapy in treatment, this is where each recovering addict can get peer support from one another. There are also those who traveled from other states to go to treatment, so many rehabs will do follow-up calls for anywhere from three months to a year to check in with clients to see how they’re doing.

A relapse prevention program can also be different things like moving into a sober living home or attending 12-step programs. Anything you do in your sobriety that helps you work through your issues can be a relapse prevention program that works. The key is to remember that once you accept that you’re an addict, it’s your responsibility to do whatever it takes to stay sober.

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