What is a Holistic Therapy Program for Addiction?

Holistic Therapy Program for Addiction - Freedom From Addiction

Some of the biggest problem drugs in the world today are prescription medications. Medications like painkillers, tranquilizers and stimulants are being abused by people of all ages to the point that they become fully addicted.

As with other drugs like heroin and cocaine, addicts become reliant on a substance. Their entire day revolves around getting and using the substance in order to live. When addicts want to get sober, they sometimes don’t want to be dependant on any substance again, which is why they turn to a holistic therapy program for addiction.


There’s nothing wrong with a medical program for recovery from addiction, but some say that it’s simply replacing a person’s drug of choice. If an individual is dependent on prescription opiates or heroin, a medication like Suboxone can be used because it occupies the space in the brain that opiates used to, which tricks the brain into thinking the person is still using.

At a quality medical detox program, this non-narcotic medication is tapered off until the person is mentally and physically ready to come off of it, but some addicts become dependent to this new medication and have a hard time quitting. Through holistic therapy, the recovering addict doesn’t have to worry about this.


When individuals enter a holistic therapy program of recovery, they’ll go through detox, but they’ll be given very minimal medications. The medications are typically used to regulate people’s heart rates and blood pressure, but that’s it. When it comes to the actual symptoms of withdrawal, recovering addicts will be given different ways to help cleanse their body and repair damaged muscles and nerves. The body can be cleansed in holistic therapy with the right diet, nutrients and supplements. To help repair the damaged nerves and muscles, patients are encouraged to do light physical activity like going for walks or jogs.

Some other excellent ways addicts can benefit from holistic therapy is by getting acupuncture and massages. Something like yoga is an excellent way to loosen up tense muscles. A combination of yoga and meditation is also used to help relieve the anxiety that comes with early sobriety.

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