I Want to Drug Test My Child, but Will it Break the Trust?

I Want to Drug Test My Child - Freedom From Addiction


If you are a parent who suspects that your son or daughter might be abusing drugs, you may be thinking to yourself, “I want to drug test my child,” and this brings a whole slew of further questions with it.

  • “Is it legal to drug test my child?”
  • “What will they do when I tell them I want a drug test?”
  • “What do I do if I find drugs in their system?”

We need to start at the beginning here. Before jumping to a test, you may want to try some other strategies. For example, you should make sure there are no drugs in your child’s room or anywhere in the house. Lock up the liquor cabinet in your home if you have one.

You might also try learning more about what your child does in their free time and who they hang out with. As a parent, you may need to exercise your rights to check their room or car for drug paraphernalia. Only do these things if you cannot talk directly with your child about addiction because they refuse to directly answer questions.

Now to the question: “Can I drug test my child?” If you have to, you may need to give a drug test. This can be a difficult process, and you may be frightened that your child won’t trust you. The truth is, you are the parent, and you are not their best friend. It is important that you take control and get to the bottom of it if they have a serious drug problem.


There are many difficult things that parents have to deal with when it comes to their children. For example, they have to lay down rules for things they hope they never even have to encounter with their kids. It should go without saying that not using illicit drugs is a rule, yet often parents are surprised when they find their children are abusing drugs.

As a parent, you should never avoid talking about this subject with your children. It’s important to always have a good idea of their personal lives even if it means asking a lot of questions that they won’t like. Staying in solid communication will help this situation a lot.

Finally, if you have a child who is already seriously struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, find them help. Don’t be pulled down by the stigma of this problem. Scientists have shown that some individuals simply have a propensity for addiction.

Instead of wringing your hands over what to do, get help. Seeking professional addiction treatment at a professional drug treatment center like Freedom from Addiction can help you put this situation behind you both. You have the power to help them get sober, and in the end, they will greatly appreciate your support.

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