Top 3 Methods for Parents to Deter Children from Drinking and Using Drugs

Deter Children from Drinking and Using Drugs - Freedom From Addiction

In order to deter children from drinking and using drugs, parents can employ these 3 methods of parenting. It is important to feel free to take each method and make it your own.

  1. Open the communication lines, and know what’s going on in their lives.

Communication is key for kids and parents. Your children should know that it’s okay for them to come to you with problems, questions or concerns. And you should be ready to talk to them when they need it. Don’t shirk this responsibility.

Teens tend to be confronted with drugs and alcohol most often, but it can be difficult to communicate with teens. That’s why it’s important to open the communication lines at a young age.

If you are worried about your children getting into drugs and alcohol, then you have to be okay with talking about these things with them. Let them know that these are dangerous and deadly substances, and they’re not okay.

  1. Create guidelines and rules, and enforce with consistency.

Many parents want to appear cool and fun to their children, and that’s perfectly fine. But to deter children from drinking and using drugs, there still needs to be a line between parent and child. You must have rules for them, and you must enforce them.

In certain cases, this will inevitably create a rift between you, but that’s okay. This is your job as a parent, and if you don’t set up rules and consequences, you’re only teaching your children that life doesn’t have rules and consequences, and that’s simply not true.

  1. Be the best role model, and show them other good models as well.

Your children will imitate you. If you are preaching one thing and doing another, your kids will see it. To deter children from drinking and using drugs, you should definitely not be using these drugs yourself or even joking about them, which can give the wrong impression. Substance abuse is far too serious.

As for alcohol, be responsible. Tell your children that you can drink because you’re over 21, but they are not allowed to. And make sure you drink responsibly and don’t over do it. Studies show that the parental tactic of saying your kids can drink as long as they do so within the parents’ home or site does not work.

In order to deter children from drinking and using drugs, you have to attack the problem before it starts. By being communicative, laying down and enforcing rules, and being a good role model, you can help keep your children safe from addiction.

If it’s too late to deter your children from drinking or using drugs, you should know that it’s not too late to get the help of a professional addiction treatment center like Freedom from Addiction. Call us today at 1-866-319-6124 to speak to a licensed admissions counselor.

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