There Is No "Fast Track" For the Addiction Recovery Process

No Fast Track to Recovery - Freedom From Addiction

When you enter a life in sobriety, you must remember that you didn't become addicted in a day, so the addiction recovery process will take time. There are many different effects long-term drug and alcohol abuse can have on one's body and mind, and it takes time to heal. Aside from the psychological effects of addiction, it's going to take time for you to repair the wreckage of your past. Addicts want immediate gratification, which is one of the reasons why alcohol and drugs were the solution for a long time. When it comes to recovery from active addiction, you must remember that there's no fast track or shortcut to getting well.

Longer Treatments Mean Better Results For Addiction Recovery

Statistics indicate that individuals have a much better chance of staying sober the longer they're in treatment. Not only does this have to do with a person staying sober for a longer time, but it also has a lot to do with repairing the brain. Those who stay sober for a month or two have a much better chance of making it to six months, and people who make it to six months have a much better chance of making it to a year clean and sober. There's a cumulative effect in improving the chances for addiction recovery. Throughout treatment, you experienced a variety of different therapies. Some may have seemed repetitive. This happens for a reason. Cognitive behavioral therapy is about repetition in order to retrain the mind, and you'll receive more of this treatment the longer you're in rehab. Sometimes, due to insurance issues, it's impossible to be in treatment for the duration of the recommended stay, but you can take control by continuing your recovery at a sober living home or in 12-step meetings once you leave.

Addiction Recovery and Sobriety Must Come First

Many addicts caused turmoil in their relationships with loved ones, coworkers, and acquaintances throughout their active addiction. Some think that once they accumulate a month or two of sobriety, all of their relationships will be instantly fine. They think the people in their lives should trust them, and people should appreciate the fact that they are doing their best to stay sober. The reality is that you have to take responsibility for your actions, and remember that people in your life have the right to not immediately trust you again. Your sobriety can't be dependent on a job or a spouse, and it can't depend on repairing a relationship. Know that as long as you continue to stay sober, the rest will fall into place. Sometimes the road to addiction recovery can be a difficult one, and the cravings to return to drinking or using can be overwhelming. If you do have a relapse, don't lose hope. Never give up, and return to treatment as soon as possible before your addiction destroys everything you've gained back in sobriety. When you need help, Freedom From Addiction is there for you.

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