Your Support Group may Save Your Life

A Support Group May Save Your Life - Freedom From Addiction

One of the aspects of recovery that many newly sober addicts take for granted is the power of a support group. It makes sense though. Addiction is a baffling disease, and many people think that they can overcome it on their own.

One of the most dangerous things addicts can tell themselves is, “I got this.” Time and time again, people find that they can’t quit on their own, so they seek help from a rehabilitation center and meet other recovering addicts who become part of their support group in treatment. Keep in mind, however, it’s also crucial to maintain the support once treatment ends.


In the 1930s, an alcoholic named Bill Wilson managed to recover when an old friend came and showed him how he was able to get sober. Bill went through a process, which later became the 12 steps, and he discovered that the 12th step was the most important one. The 12th step is carrying the message to other alcoholics and addicts, and this lead to 12-step meetings and fellowships.

It was determined that one addict or alcoholic talking with another is without parallel. In recent years it’s been shown that therapy and other methods are good additional ways to help people stay sober, but any evidence-based treatment facility you go to will encourage you to have a sober network of other addicts and alcoholics who are trying to stay sober.


It’s easy to maintain contact with your support group while you’re in treatment because you’re together all the time, but it’s important to maintain this connection when you discharge. If you’ve left the state for treatment and return home upon discharge, you should maintain contact with those you met in treatment. You can do this via social media, texting or calling them, and it’s extremely beneficial on those days when you’re struggling with your cravings or life in general.

As difficult as it may be, you should also find a local support group, and you can do this by going to various 12-step meetings. Those who attend 12-step meetings are typically more than happy to introduce themselves and give you their phone number, and keeping connected with these people may save your life someday.

If you’re currently in your addiction, let us help you find a treatment center that will suit your needs. We help provide people with resources to find treatment so they can discover freedom from active addiction. Call Freedom From Addiction today at 1-866-319-6124 for more information about treatment centers and local support groups.

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