Substance Abuse and Suicide - The Journey to Recovery

Substance Abuse Suicide - Freedom From Addiction

A suicide attempt can be one of the most emotional, isolating experiences of an individual's life. Suicide survivors are not only forced to deal with the fact that their attempt failed, they must also deal with the issues that drove them to this desperate act. Suicide is not a rash, impetuous act. Instead, emotions and situations have culminated into an obstacle that seems overwhelming to a suicidal person. Common situations that contribute to a suicide attempt include:

  • Trauma
  • The death of a loved one
  • The end of a relationship
  • A troubled relationship
  • Financial problems
  • Health problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues

Most people who attempt to take their life don't necessarily want to die, but they do want permanent relief from the stresses that have overtaken their life. These feelings of despair can take some time to deal with, but the important part of recovery from suicide is that the individual is still alive.

Addiction and Suicide

Addiction is commonly experienced concurrently with other mental health disorders, such as mood disorders, anxiety and personality disorders. There is, unfortunately, a perceived stigma surrounding both addiction and mental health disorders. Many people who suffer from depression attempt to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. In fact, substance abuse is second only to depression as a major risk factor for attempting suicide. Receiving appropriate help and counseling for substance abuse is important to help an individual achieve recovery and maintain sobriety. While a suicide attempt is indeed a serious and terrible occurrence, it may provide the impetus needed to get an individual into a suitable recovery program. Many people who suffer from substance abuse are ashamed of their dependency and scared to ask for help. Recovery is a time to:

  • Enter into therapy
  • Re-establish social and family connections
  • Develop a safety plan in case of risk of relapse

Recovery, Freedom from Addiction and Hope for the Future

Learning more about substance abuse and its link to suicide is important for prevention. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug abuse, asking for help and support can be the difference between life or death. If you're concerned that a loved one may be contemplating taking their life, call Freedom From Addiction today for help and support.

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