Addiction Treatment for Synthetic Cannabinoids

Synthetic Cannabis Treatment - Freedom From Addiction

Synthetic cannabinoids are drugs which mimic the effect of cathinone, a psychoactive substance found in bath salts and the khat plant. These substances are called cannabinoids because they are related to the same chemicals found in marijuana. Because of this association, these cannabinoids are sometimes mislabeled as "fake weed." These substances are also often mislabeled as natural even though they may in fact affect the brain more powerfully.

The Harmful Effects Of Synthetic Cannabinoids

The DEA and various State drug monitoring agencies have officially recognized the need to monitor and attempt to control these chemicals. Officially, these cannabinoids are included in a group of drugs known as "new psychoactive substances." These are unregulated psychoactive chemicals which are intended to copy the effects of drugs currently illegal. Manufacturers often package them as herbal or liquid incense products in plastic bottles. Synthetic cannabinoids have a high potential for abuse and absolutely no recorded medical benefit. Because of this, these substances have become illegal to buy, sell, or possess. Manufacturers often side-step these laws by deftly changing the chemical formulas in their mixtures. Standard drug tests often cannot detect these substances. The resulting effects of abusing these drugs can be unpredictable. Some substances contained in these drugs can bind to receptors in the brain even more strongly than the THC they attempt to imitate. The combination of chemicals will often range from batch to batch making the likelihood of harmful chemicals being contained in these drugs very high. Physically, this drug may cause rapid heart rate, vomiting, or violent behavior. Many users have also reported experiencing suicidal thoughts when taking this drug. These substances often raise blood pressure while also reducing the blood supply to the user's heart. Kidney damage and seizures may occur as well.

The Importance Of Proper Addiction Treatment For Synthetic Cannabinoids

Because of the dangers associated with this drug and its highly addictive nature, proper addiction treatment is absolutely crucial. Addiction treatment for this substance often means placing addicts into inpatient treatment. At inpatient treatment facilities, addicts stay at the facility during detox and for the bulk of their treatment. While there, they can develop and cultivate the healthy habits they need to gain freedom from addiction. As more people gain freedom from addiction, our communities become stronger than ever. With proper addiction treatment, we can remove the harsh stigma surrounding addiction as well as recovery. If you're suffering from addiction, reaching out for help can often be the best thing to do to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Contact Freedom From Addiction today for more information about synthetic cannabinoids and addiction treatment. We can help you.

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