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Teens today are trying a variety of different methods to get high, and one of the most popular substances of abuse is Salvia Divinorum. This substance is the leaf of a plant that is also known as Marla Pastora or Sally-D. Teens are taking this leaf, which comes from the family of mint plants, and chewing on it to get hallucinogenic effects. For a long time, people didn't realize that Salvia was being abused like this, so young people were able to pick it up from their local plant store without being asked for an ID. It's now been found that the effects can be quite dangerous, so more strict forms of monitoring the substance have been implemented.

How Salvia Affects the Mind and body

When people chew on the leaf, they'll have their perception of reality drastically altered. The common effects of the drug are for individuals to see bright lights and vivid colors. People may lose their sense of reality while on the drug and go into a state of fear and panic. While on the substance, individuals' bodies can lose their sense of coordination while experiencing dizziness, and they will also have slurred speech.

Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, Salvia is a gateway drug that many young people are experimenting with. Although this drug isn't one that makes people become physically or mentally dependent, it can still be very dangerous and cause people's lives to become unmanageable. Young people often abuse substances for reasons that are different from adults. The main reason young people turn to substances like this or over-the-counter medications are because they lack the resources or ability to get street drugs or alcohol. They'll end up abusing just about any substance that will change their current state of being. By catching young peoples' substance abuse early, an addiction treatment program can help them recover before it's too late. If the young person is turning to substances like this to escape reality due to mental illness, stress or peer pressure, the issue will only progress if it goes untreated. At an addiction treatment facility, patients will go through a variety of different therapies to discover why they've been abusing substances and how to live a happier, healthier life without ever having to turn to drugs again. If your child has been abusing salvia or any other mind-altering substance, allow Freedom From Addiction to help. Finding the right treatment center can seem overwhelming, but want to help you find one that best suits you or your child's needs.

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