The Long Term Effects of Abusing (Psilocybin) Mushrooms

Long Term Effects Psilocybin Abuse - Freedom From Addiction

For centuries, people have been using mushrooms psilocybin for various reasons. This type of mushroom has the ability of acting as a hallucinogen, and in ancient times people would eat mushrooms psilocybin to have some sort of spiritual experience. These mushrooms also gained popularity during the late 60s and early 70s during the hippie movement. Since then, mushrooms have been used for people who like to enjoy the hallucinogenic effects when they go to parties or clubs, but this type of mushroom can also be quite dangerous.

Street Names and Effects of Mushrooms

Mushrooms psilocybin are also known as magic mushrooms, mushrooms and shrooms on the streets. The methods in which people take mushrooms are typically by eating them, but the mushrooms can also be brewed into a tea or cooked with other foods to give the same effects. When the mushrooms hit people's systems, they will have a problem separating fantasy from reality, and they'll experience vivid colors. For those who take mushrooms in a large quantity, there's a chance that they may have a panic attack from what they believe they're seeing.

Long-Term Effects of Abusing Mushrooms

If individuals don't seek addiction treatment when they've lost control of their abuse of this substance, they can experience a variety of side effects while also being at risk of an overdose. The abuse of mushrooms can cause psychosis, and there's also the possibility of death. One of the most common reasons for death associated with the abuse of mushrooms is that people take a poisonous mushroom mistaking it for psilocybin.

Getting Help at an Addiction Treatment Center

If you've been struggling with an addiction to mushrooms, there's hope to recover. The first step toward recovering is by going to an addiction treatment program where you can safely detox. Many of the symptoms of withdrawal from mushrooms are psychological, so you'll be under the close watch of a medical staff. Once the effects begin to wear off, you can begin rehabilitation at the addiction treatment center. It's important for you to discover why you've been abusing mushrooms for so long in order to develop a plan of action for recovery. Allow Freedom From Addiction to be the ones you turn to when you're ready to get started on this incredible new journey. Call us for more information about mushrooms and addiction treatment. We can help.

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