Sober Celebrities Making a Difference

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Society's view of alcohol and drug addiction has changed over the years. Today, there is a strong stigma associated with this type of substance abuse, yet we still seem to celebrate it in some ways with celebrities. Many actors, actresses, musicians and other entertainers are depicted in the media drinking and using drugs. In the movies and on television, drug abuse and alcohol use is often seen in a light way and is used as the butt of jokes. Despite even all of this, many celebrities then end up in difficult situations where drugs and alcohol are concerned. For example, some actors and musicians end up overdosing on these substances and in drug rehab. Some of them even go into drug and alcohol rehab many times before they get better. This is an extreme set of conflicting views. And this is especially true for young people. Children, teens and even young people have difficulties understanding how the celebrities they often look up to can frequently make mistakes concerning drugs and alcohol.

Sober Celebrities Making a Difference

Fortunately, just as there are actors and musicians who abuse drugs and alcohol, there are also sober celebrities making a difference by advocating against using these substances. In fact, there are a great many sober celebrities making a difference. These celebrities include Jada Pinkett Smith, Edie Falco, Russell Brand, Robert Downey Jr., Kelly Osbourne, Gerard Butler and many more. You can read about these celebrities on the Internet and in magazine articles because they are open and proud of their sobriety. Some of these celebrities got sober because they had addictions in the past. Others never drank or did drugs but still make it a choice to not use these substances even in moderation. After all, that's how most addictions start. Looking for Freedom From Addiction at Rehab Sober celebrities making a difference can only go so far. If you are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, you'll have to get help from professionals and look for your own way out. You can't simply use the sober celebrities making a difference to get you out of addiction. It can be difficult to understand how to get help for some. You may need to ask for help from someone close to you whom you respect. In the end, what you need is professional help from a reputable drug rehab center like Freedom from Addiction. There are a number of ways to get this, but your main goal should be to act immediately. Remember, the faster you reach out for assistance, the faster you can find freedom from addiction! Call us at 1-866-319-6124 to begin your journey to recovery!

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