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If you're doubting whether or not you're addicted to drugs, there are plenty of resources available for drug addiction information. One reason people don't get the help they need is that they don't know much about the disease of addiction. By researching drug addiction information, you will have a better understanding about treatment choices for your substance abuse issues.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Some people may think that they can't get pertinent drug addiction information from a 12-step program concerning alcohol, but the book isn't so much about a problem with alcohol as it is with substances in general. The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous was created during an era when medical science didn't have many solutions for someone suffering from addiction. Throughout the 12-step program book, there's a description of what it looks like when someone is suffering from addiction, as well as information about how to help someone who might be struggling with the issue.

Drug Addiction Information in Clean by David Sheff

Author David Sheff wrote a book about how his son struggled with addiction for many years. Sheff was absolutely baffled as to help his son after sending him to multiple treatment centers. Sheff's book, Beautiful Boy, is about his life while his son was addicted to drugs. However, he also did a lot of research about addiction in general. In another book, Clean, Sheff details his findings after about ten years of researching the subject of addiction. He writes about how people become addicted, the science of the disease, the War on Drugs as well as a variety of different treatment methods. Sheff is now involved with a variety of committees that are fighting to increase resources to those who are suffering from addiction. Obtaining drug addiction information is one thing, but overcoming your addiction to drugs is something completely different. No matter how much knowledge you have on the subject, going to treatment is the best way for you to begin a new life. In treatment, you'll be able to work through your personal issues that have led you to substance abuse, and you'll learn a better way of living. Addiction can be overcome. 

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