What Skills Are Taught in Relapse Prevention Programs?

Skills Taught in Relapse Prevention - Freedom From Addiction

Going through treatment is an excellent way to build a strong foundation of recovery, but true recovery comes through different types of relapse prevention programs. Getting clean in a treatment center is the beginning step, and it’s kind of like having a safety net. You’re going through classes, therapy sessions and drug tests, so there’s some accountability.

Once you leave treatment, however, you’ll need to take what you’ve learned and put it to practical use. This can be difficult. Life’s stresses can be a big trigger, which is why relapse prevention programs during and after treatment are extremely important.


The entire treatment process is a form of relapse prevention in a way because you’ll be learning about your personal triggers so you can acknowledge them once you leave. One of the best forms of relapse prevention involves learning more about the disease of addiction. Relapse prevention programs teach you about how severe the disease of addiction can be on your mind and body. This isn’t only meant to be used as a scare tactic either. It’s important to understand how your brain changes once exposed to these substances. This education gives you a better idea of what’s been happening to you whenever you drink or use and why you can’t control it.


Mindfulness is a growing therapeutic method, and it’s important when it comes to relapse prevention. Even if your treatment program doesn’t use mindfulness therapy, you’ll be taught to acknowledge your triggers and work through them in a different way. Addiction is a disease of automation. When triggered, a person suffering from addiction immediately gets the craving to drink or use. It becomes a compulsive behavior. By learning to be mindful of how your mind and body feel when the cravings arise, you’ll gain the ability to pause your actions and work through your feelings in a much healthier way. No matter what type of program you’re in, meditation is strongly encouraged because it helps increase mindfulness.

If you’re worried about how effective a treatment program can be, know that relapse prevention programs are designed to give you knowledge and tools that you’ll need when you discharge. Taking back control of your life begins by admitting that you have a problem and seeking the help of a drug and alcohol treatment center. Call Freedom From Addiction today at 1-866-319-6124. We can point you in the right direction for effective treatment that will help you break free from active addiction.

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