Preventing relapse when you're going off to college

Prevent Relapse in College - Freedom From Addiction

Anyone who has gone through addiction treatment or 12-step programs has learned that addiction isn't something that discriminates against age. Many addicts find themselves hopeless and that their lives are unmanageable at a very young age, but they're able to get sober and have a second chance at life. The opportunities presented to addicts of all ages when they recover from addiction are endless, and many people want to go back to college to pursue a career in a specific field. The problem is that going to college can mean relapse for some people, so it's important to have tools for relapse prevention before you head off to school.

Potential Risks and Potential Relapse in College

According to statistics, there are different risk groups that make people more susceptible to addiction or relapse. Approximately 1/3 of first-year students out of over 28 million who enroll do not enroll their second year because they've become addicted or failed to follow through with relapse prevention methods. Those who are at the most risk are freshmen, athletes and Greek fraternity or sorority members. On the opposite side of potential risks, there are some effective methods to prevent relapse when you go back to college. Those who are at the least amount of risk of relapse are those who go to two-year colleges or a school nearby their home and support group. Living at home or with sober roommates may not be one's ideal college experience, but it's a great way to stay accountable while going into this risky situation.

Being of Service is the Best way to Stay Sober

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students become addicted to alcohol or drugs. They often use to deal with the stresses of going to school or to fit in with their peers. Approximately 1,825 students die from alcohol-related accidents each year, and many crimes are associated with addiction as well. More than 95,000 students each year are victims of alcohol- or drug-related sexual assault, and 686,000 are victims of being physically assaulted by another student who is under the influence. One of the best ways to stay sober and prevent relapse is to be of service to other students who may be struggling. The first step in doing this is to wear your sobriety as a badge of honor, so don't be afraid to share your experience, strength and hope with someone who may be having a hard time. You can be there to let other students know that you're living proof that they never have to drink or use again if they don't want to, and this type of experience will strengthen your sobriety even more. They need to know that they can be free from addiction if they want to be. If you meet someone who needs help to recover from addiction to alcohol or drugs, Freedom From Addiction can help. Even if you slip up when you return to school, you still have the opportunity to have a fresh start by re-entering treatment. Don't hesitate to ask for help for yourself or someone you know.

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