The Power of Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment - Freedom From Addiction


Addiction as a disease is a serious problem in many areas of the United States, and it’s killing thousands each year. Prescription medications, alcohol, heroin, cocaine and other substances take hold of people’s lives, and many think that recovery is not possible. Furthermore, the stigma surrounding recovery treatments is daunting for many individuals, so they never end up seeking the help which they so desperately need.

It is important to repeat and remember that the best way to recover from any addiction is an accredited rehabilitation program. As difficult as it may be to admit to yourself or your friends or loved ones that you need help, it’s absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself. With time, our community can come together to remove this negative stigma and open the doors for addicts to get better and return to the lives they love and deserve to live.


One of the currently popular methods to treat addiction is with group therapy. Group therapy has been around for quite some time, but today, it is becoming increasingly popular for addiction treatment.

For many, the power of group therapy lies in its ability to cultivate compassion. Groups come together from all walks of life, but they have addiction in common, and together, group members learn to become comfortable with sharing their stories, ideas, questions and fears. When that sort of vulnerability shows up, it creates a wonderful breeding ground for compassion, kindness and warmness, and this in turn helps people forgive themselves and move toward recovery.

Another part of the power of group therapy is that it reminds addicts they aren’t alone. So often with addiction, individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol feel like they are the only ones making mistakes, and there is a tremendous amount of guilt and shame involved. But when these individuals can come together, they can see other people just like them, and they can help each other. Sometimes, helping someone else can be the spur you need to go ahead and help yourself.


The power of group therapy is unsurpassed in many ways. It has helped thousands of individuals get sober and find freedom from addiction. The unity and compassion you can find within groups at group therapy rehabilitation can save your life.

But to get to this stage and feel the power of group therapy, you have to take the first step soon. Call 1-844-HELP-NOW to speak with a counselor regarding addiction, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Recovery is not easy, but taking the first step is. Don’t wait any longer – call today.

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