Offering Recovery Support To A Loved One Without Enabling Them

Recovery Support to Loved One - Freedom From Addiction

If you have a loved one who is an addict, you've probably heard about enabling. This term is used in a variety of different ways, and many loved ones of addicts don't know when they're actually enabling the person. Before the addict decides to get sober, enabling can be anything from providing the addict with financial assistance, a place to live or emotional support. All of these things and more make addicts justify and rationalize their using even more, and it helps fuel their addiction. Now that your loved one is in recovery, you have the opportunity to be the person he or she turns to for recovery support. There is no cure for addiction, so the recovery process is a lifetime ordeal. People must stay diligent about their sobriety, and a crucial part of this is by having the recovery support they need when they're having struggles in life. There is a right and wrong way to provide recovery support, and there are some ways that you can ensure you're providing your loved one with the best support possible to aid in his or her recovery.

Don't Co-Sign Their Bad Behaviors

Once people complete treatment, they're not 100% better. A lot of the defects of character they had will still be there. It's important for addicts in recovery to have people in their support group who will call them out on their behaviors. Bad behaviors lead to relapse, and the problem is that most addicts in recovery don't even realize when they're reverting back to old behaviors. If loved ones are trying to lie, cheat, steal or manipulate, it's important to bring it up in a kind and loving way so they can recognize it and make the proper changes.

Give them Quality Recovery Support by Acknowledging His or Her Sobriety

Addicts have low self-esteem, and it's often why they continued in their addiction. They don't feel good enough and some may believe that they're no good for anyone. When we begin to notice the positive changes in people's lives, we should give them credit for them. Addicts need the recovery support of people who can love them until they learn to love themselves again.

Aid them in Bettering Their Lives with Recovery Support

As their support system, you shouldn't enable them to continue living the way they were living. When addicts get sober, they need some time to focus on themselves, but there comes a time when they need to be self-supporting. For example, allowing a recovering addict to live with you without paying rent or getting a job is enabling poor behaviors. Remember, it's alright to enable addicts, but only when it involves enabling good behaviors. Support them in their hopes, dreams and aspirations in sobriety, but you must learn how to help him or her figure out how to help themselves in the process. This is one of the best ways you can assist in their sobriety. If the addict happens to relapse, which many addicts do, allow Freedom From Addiction to assist you in getting them back into treatment.

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