National Institute on Drug Abuse Increases Efforts to Understand Addiction

NIDA Increases Efforts to Understand Addiction - Freedom From Addiction

In early February of 2016, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) released a five-year plan to increase efforts to understand addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse is a federally funded organization dedicated to studying the disease of addiction and providing information as well as resources to the public through its website. The NIDA regularly posts articles, news and statistics about how the disease of addiction is affecting the people of the United States. The website provides people with a resource for researching the effects of drugs and methods that have been proven to work. Considering the high rate of drug addiction in America, the work accomplished by the NIDA is vital to the well-being of millions of people.


The National Institute on Drug Addiction’s plan is for the years 2016 through 2020, and it’s primary mission is to help improve the science about what causes drug addiction, as well as the consequences of addiction. Their hope is that when they’re better able to understand addiction, they can leverage this knowledge to help improve individual and public health on a national level.

According to the announcement, millions of people throughout the United States are suffering from some type of substance use disorder (SUD), and the ripple effect affects the entire country. The NIDA’s plan of action takes course over five years, and hopefully they’ll discover new ways of effectively helping prevent addiction from happening or progressing as quickly as it currently does.


The first goal for the NIDA is to better identify how biological, behavioral and social causes effect the consequences of drug use over a lifetime. These are some of the primary reasons that people become addicted and stay in their addiction, so this is the top priority for treating people.

Once these factors are better understood by the NIDA, their second goal is to improve the strategies they use to prevent people from becoming addicted and suffering the consequences of drug use. The third goal is to improve evidence-based treatment methods with the help of their research and findings. The final goal of this strategic plan is to improve the public health impact based on the research and new programs that they implement throughout the country.

It’s always reassuring to hear that the United States is putting more efforts toward preventing and treating addiction, but there are those who are suffering now and need help now. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with any type of drug or alcohol addiction, we would love to assist you.

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