What is Medical Detox for Addiction?

Medical Detox for Addiction - Freedom From Addiction

Medical detox for addiction is the highest level of care you’ll get when you enter any type of drug and alcohol rehab facility. There are some facilities that only do medical detox, but many of the facilities include inpatient or outpatient treatment as well.

Medical detox for addiction is of the utmost importance because depending on the substance or substances you were abusing, your body can go through some harsh, and sometimes dangerous, symptoms of withdrawal. Trying to go through detox on your own can be potentially fatal, and it’s also one of the leading causes of relapse.


The longer you’ve been drinking or using certain drugs in excess, your body chemistry changes. Part of your body’s way of surviving is always maintaining equilibrium. As you continue to use, the equilibrium changes in order to deal with the substances you’re putting into your body on a regular basis. Your brain and other essential organs are so accustomed to these substances being introduced to your body that it becomes the new normal, so when you quit, your body has a variety of withdrawal symptoms because it’s trying to regain equilibrium.

For many years, people thought that making an addict go through withdrawal might help in his or her recovery, but it’s been found that this can be quite dangerous. Medical detox is available for addicts to help not only lessen the symptoms of withdrawal, but to also ensure you’re safe throughout the entire process. A medical staff will be there with you every step of the way to help ensure that your heart rate and blood pressure are under control, and they’ll also try to help reduce your symptoms of withdrawal.


When you decide you want to get sober, you have two options for detox, and both options are beneficial. Holistic detox is for those who would prefer not to take any type of medications when they go through the detox process. Holistic methods can include nutrition, meditation, yoga and other physical activities.

With medical detox, you’ll be provided with different medications that help lessen the symptoms of withdrawal. For example, Subutex or Librium can be used with people who are going through opiate or alcohol withdrawals. These medications trick the brain into thinking you’re still drinking or using so the symptoms are more manageable.

We’re here to help you begin on the road to recovery, and we’ll help you find a facility with a quality detox program as well. Allow Freedom From Addiction to be there for you by giving us a call today at 1 844 HELP NOW.

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