Macklemore Debuts new Song at AMAs about Prescription Drug Addiction

Macklemore AMAs Prescription Abuse - Freedom From Addiction

One of the biggest problems with the disease of addiction is that there's a stigma that surrounds it. People are afraid to talk about it when their loved one has any type of addiction, and those who are addicted are embarrassed to talk about it because they don't want to be the person who can't handle their drugs or alcohol. Thankfully, some notable celebrities are extremely vocal about their struggles with their addiction as well as recovery to help promote awareness and give strength and hope to addicts and their loved ones. One of the most vocal celebrities is Seattle-based rapper Macklemore.

"If I can be an example of getting sober, then I can be an example of starting over."

In 2013, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis topped the charts with their songs "Can't Hold Us" and "Thrift Shop." They also helped break down some barriers with their song "Same Love." One of the other songs on their album The Heist is titled "Starting Over." This song will give many addicts chills as they listen to how Macklemore relapsed after three years of sobriety and how difficult it was to go back into a 12-step meeting. He discusses all of the thoughts and fears he had when doing so, but he makes it a point to talk about how he can now be an example to those who relapse so they don't give up.

Macklemore's New Album Brings More Awareness To Prescription Drug Addiction

After overcoming a prescription drug addiction twice, Macklemore relapsed once again. The fame he gained after the release of his album The Heistled him back to a prescription drug addiction once more

, but he managed to reclaim his sobriety and has started making music again. With a new track titled "Kevin" that he debuted at the American Music Awards, Macklemore once again talks about the drug epidemic in America. The song is about someone close to Macklemore who passed away from a prescription drug addiction, and Macklemore uses this song to bring awareness about the over-prescribing of narcotic medications in America.

"First dealer was his mom's medicine cabinet. Got anxiety, better go give him a Xanax. Focus, give him Adderall, sleep, give him Ambien."

The above lyrics are all too familiar for anyone who's been addicted to prescription medications. For people in recovery it's important to remember that your sobriety is now your responsibility. Yes, doctors will try to prescribe narcotic medications as much as possible, but recovering addicts can't use this as a justification for use. If you do happen to relapse, learn from Macklemore by never giving up hope. If you're looking for solutions to an addiction problem, Freedom From Addiction can help.

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