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Forty-eight year old, Lisa Marie Presley shows courage as she checks herself into rehab to deal with an ongoing addiction to prescription pills. The daughter of Elvis Presley and singer of “Over Me” has found her way to the Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles. This high-priced rehab comes at a cost of $400,000 per month.

Lisa has talked about her struggles with addiction before and her journey to overcome them. In 2003 she told one magazine that she was drinking, using cocaine, marijuana, and sedatives all at the same time. During that time, she found that she simply could not stay sober.

She did fight her way out of those addictions, but recently, her life has taken a difficult turn which has led her back down the road to addictive behaviors with prescription drugs. In June, Lisa Maria separated, officially from her husband, Michael Lockwood. The reason for the separation was listed as irreconcilable differences.

In addition to the separation, Lisa is also asking for full custody of the twin daughters, age seven, she and Lockwood have. Also, she is requesting that he only has monitored visitation with the girls.

Sources close to Lisa do say that she is doing okay, but that she simply wants to get her opioid addiction under control before it gets any further out of hand.

We at Freedom From Addiction want to send our best wishes to Lisa Marie for a speedy recovery and applaud her for recognizing that she not only needed help but also seeking it. In fact, we encourage anyone struggling with addiction to reach out and ask for the help they need.

Please check out our website at You’ll find we are a non-judgmental group that is here to help and believe that it takes a community to treat drug addiction.

If you feel you need help, or know someone that does, reach out today. Our team is here for you.

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