Having Sex While On Drugs

Sex on Drugs - Freedom From Addiction

People enjoy having sex while on drugs for various reasons. For many, being on drugs, similarly to when drinking alcohol, can lower inhibitions, increase self-esteem, make a person feel more relaxed, feel more adventurous, and create a false sense of intimacy. Some drugs like MDMA are reported to heighten the senses and magnify the experience. Drugs like cocaine can have some euphoric effects. They can enhance physical sensations and for some, delay orgasm. Many people like to then "go all night."  

Craving Both Drugs and Sex at the Same Time

Cravings can apply to both drugs and sex. Cravings are powerful memories linked to signals in the environment that allow the brain to re-experience the event. Some studies have found that the same regions of the brain become active by viewing sexual and drug images. When you have positive experiences with drugs and sex together, you can begin to crave and rely on the two happening at the same time.  

The Downside

Drugs affect everyone differently. What are some of the biggest dangers of having sex while using drugs? It can lead to high-risk behavior and bad decision making that could put either you, your partner or both at risk - physically and emotionally. Additionally, if one is always in an altered state of mind when having sex, you lose the opportunity to be truly connected and present to experience what could be the most incredible sex of your lives. Lastly, some of the drugs that allow you to have what some call "marathon sex" can lead to physical pain and injuries i.e. chafing and bleeding.  

Mixing Drugs and Sex is Nothing New!

Let's be honest; sober sex can be scary! Nothing is stopping the insecurities, and you are vulnerable. The biggest sex organ is the brain. When you are sober, to have a great sexual experience, it requires that you be present. What does that mean? You put yourself out there, literally, and allow yourself to be comfortable with losing control. Things such as making noises, faces, losing control of our muscles - all which happens during orgasm. Having amazing sex without any drugs or alcohol is possible. For people who are uncomfortable with their bodies, working on becoming more comfortable in their skin can be helpful. Being sober allows you to experience sensations and intimacy in a more intense way. It also allows you to be able to clearly communicate what you want and need, which in itself can lead to more incredible sex.     

Dr. Rachel Needle has specialized training in the area of substance abuse. She is a professional consultant to substance abuse facilities and assists them in expanding and enhancing clinical programming. Dr. Needle also does expert training for staff members at residential and outpatient facilities that specialize in alcohol and substance abuse. 

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