Freedom From Addiction Launches Online Resource Center

Freedom From Addiction Launches

Educational website fights the stigma of addiction and relapse

December 14, 2015 (MIAMI BEACH, FL)- Freedom From Addiction, an organization dedicated to providing education and treatment resources to individuals, families, and communities suffering from addiction and substance abuse – a cause near and dear to their hearts – have launched an on-demand, online resource center connecting those afflicted by addiction with certified treatment and recovery centers.

Led by entrepreneur Peter Hamilton and a committed team of nationally recognized experts from every corner, Freedom From Addiction is a resource platform with the latest information on the trusted tools and proven methods of recovery and detoxification. Established as a fellowship with reason to hope and a community of people who believe that addiction can be overcome with faith, trust, accountability, and dedication, Freedom From Addiction proudly celebrates every success in the battle against addiction.

In a powerful initiative to destigmatize drug and alcohol addiction, inspire ownership and pride in recovery, and encourage suffering addicts to seek treatment, Freedom From Addiction incorporates a variety of innovative technological features including a first-of-its-kind

“virtual sponsorship” program, blog-style peer-to-peer story sharing, opt-in inspirational mobile text messaging, and interactive social media conversations (via #ShoutYourRecovery).

Freedom From Addiction is a safe meeting place for all, including addicts, their friends, and their families. Members share stories, concerns, secrets, and hopes with empathy and without judgment. Treatment center representatives are available to provide insight and educational resources to anyone who wants to find help or learn more.

Peter Hamilton, Founder of Freedom From Addiction, said, “We started this campaign to raise awareness of the looming dangers of substance abuse; to shine the spotlight on a documented illness affecting millions of lives, families, and communities. Addiction is a lethal disease that must be recognized and treated like any other ailment and without it there will only be despair.”

With help from nationally recognized experts, Freedom From Addiction hopes to help thousands of addicts find lasting recovery and experience the joys of sober living. Hamilton stated, “If we can help to destigmitize drug and alcohol addiction through an educational website and ongoing public awareness campaign, we can save lives and ultimately change the future of recovery. If we are able to help just one addict into treatment, the whole project is worth it.”

If you or someone you know struggles with substance abuse and drug addiction, seek help by calling the Freedom From Addiction toll free hotline, (844) HELP-NOW, or visit Connect with Freedom From Addiction on Twitter and Instagram @ffasocial, or visit Facebook at Addiction is a lethal disease; the time to seek help is now.

About Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton, born in 1972 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the Founder of Freedom From Addiction, a leading resource for those suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse. Hamilton founded FFA because of his own struggles with addiction and a desire to support others afflicted by the disease. Hamilton is a serial entrepreneur and a business prodigy who took a leadership role in growing an international import/export firm before he was 18 years old. Prior to founding Freedom From Addiction, Hamilton founded and managed successful payment processing firms in both California and Florida. Hamilton graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration. He currently volunteers for the Drug Court of Dade County and acts as an advocate and motivational speaker at several treatment facilities. Hamilton lives in Miami Beach, Florida with his lovely wife and two beautiful children.

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