Freedom From Addiction Co-Produces Addiction Across America, A Docu-Series

Freedom From Addiction Co-Produces Addiction Across America - Freedom From Addiction

Ryan Hampton, having been elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, started a 12-day road trip from California to Philadelphia, documenting various stories of addiction along the way. The series, which can be found on YouTube and The Huffington Post and will have new episodes daily, is co-produced by Freedom From Addiction and Facing Addiction. The series seeks to shed light on the addiction crisis gripping America, and the first episode highlights the problems the homeless and those lower on the economic spectrum have in accessing affordable recovery care.


   “ . . . the wait time for access to public facilities typically exceeds 30 days. While waiting, people often die. I realized that my story is not unique, that there are millions of Americans currently battling daily to get the help that they need.  I remember the horror of waking up every morning, calling multiple treatment centers at specified time blocks only to be told that beds weren’t available, and likely wouldn’t be for multiple weeks. Being placed on waiting lists, knowing that my window of willingness to keep fighting for help was waning by the hour, were some of the most terrifying moments in my entire life.”


On July 13th, Ryan Hampton stopped in Denver and conducted a Facebook Live interview of Peter Hamilton, founder, and president of FFA. In the interview, Hamilton shares his experience with addiction and how important it is to reduce the stigma of those suffering from addiction. Hamilton also shares his concern regarding the current opioid epidemic sweeping across the nation and how Freedom From Addiction is currently trying to battle to end the stigma that comes with addiction and seeking recovery. FFA has launched a movement across all social media platforms, #ISUPPORTRECOVERY. Hamilton, along with other members of Freedom From Addiction are encouraging friends, family, and members of the community to join in with support to end the stigma.

Please join us in following this journey with Hampton as he travels to the DNC to be an advocate for those suffering from addiction. Show your support by sharing a short video and using the hashtag #ISUPPORTRECOVERY across social media.

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