Connecticut receives $5.5 million federal grant to combat opioid epidemic

Connecticus Grant to Combat Opioid Epidemic - Freedom From Addiction

Connecticut is getting a $5.5 million federal grant that will go towards combating the opioid epidemic. The grant money will be managed by the Connecticut State's Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. The medical director at the Rushfold Treatment Center says easy access to heroin and the potency of opioids such as fentanyl is driving up the number of overdoses. "It is like a moth to flame, and until someone can get to treatment and start to develop the fronts of their brain, the pre-frontal cortex that can help them put the brakes on, they're going to be vulnerable to using whatever substance comes along no matter how potent it is." Last year, more than 900 people in Connecticut died from opioid overdoses.

By Kels Dayton via WTNH (News 8)

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