Brief Therapy and Interventions for Substance Abuse Treatment

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Due to the increase in drug abuse rates in the US, more people than ever are searching for ways to find freedom from addiction. Recent research has shown that brief therapy is a valuable and flexible tool in the field of substance abuse treatment. These clinical interventions are less costly than other forms of substance abuse treatment, and are a valuable tool for people who may need immediate attention as they wait to receive more intensive care.

Brief Therapy and the Continuum of Drug Abuse

Addiction is recognized as a chronic illness that develops from substance abuse. In the brief therapy treatment method, risk factors and other elements of severity are taken into consideration, such as:

  • The substance being abused
  • Severity of drug use
  • Desired outcome

One of the primary advantages of brief interventions for substance abuse treatment is the fact that treatment is easily tailored to a wide variety of professional settings. Brief therapy has an increased presence in:

  • Hospitals and community clinics
  • Social welfare offices
  • Criminal justice systems

Tangible Goals and Brief Interventions

One of the most valuable qualities of brief interventions is the focus upon achieving immediate goals, which often include:

  • Quitting a substance
  • Decreasing the frequency of use
  • Attending counseling or support groups

Brief treatments keep the client focused and motivated through the following basic components, commonly known by the acronym of FRAMES:

  • Feedback about personal risk
  • Responsibility of the patient to change
  • Advice given by the therapist
  • Menu of alternative self-care activities other than drug abuse
  • Empathetic counseling style
  • Self-efficacy and focus on self empowerment through change

Brief Therapy: Filling Gaps in the Field of Substance Abuse Treatment

These brief interventions provide access to substance abuse therapy that many people would otherwise have difficulty accessing. While brief interventions may help to treat people who are on-track to more long-term and intensive treatment, it's also an invaluable tool to reach out to people who are at risk for developing chemical dependency issues. Brief therapies are a powerful tool that assist addicts and their loved ones along the way to recovery. If you would like more information about brief therapy and interventions for substance abuse treatment, call Freedom From Addiction. We can help.

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