Understanding Addiction Treatment for Inhalants

Inhalants Abuse - Freedom From Addiction

Inhalants are invisible substances found in everyday products you have in your household. These products contain chemical vapors that users inhale to produce mind-altering or psychoactive effects. Common products being abused include lighter fluid, cleaning products and paint. The primary distinction for this type of drug is that it's rarely used through any other means than inhalation.

The Dangers Of Inhalants

Taken through a method commonly known as "huffing," substances which are inhaled for their psychoactive effects come with a myriad of dangers. Abuse of these substances can cause substantial damage to the parts of the brain that control thinking. Movement, vision, and hearing can all be affected from use of these substances. The cognitive abnormalities can range from mild impairment to dementia. These chemicals are rapidly absorbed through the user's lungs and enter the bloodstream, ending up quickly in the brain. Nearly all inhaled substances slow down the body's function. Loss of consciousness can often occur. Long-term abuse can also include:

  • Weight loss
  • Disorientation
  • Lack of coordination
  • Depression
  • Damage to the nervous system

Overdose Effects Of Inhalants And Importance Of Addiction Treatment

Overdose of inhaled substances often occurs because the effects of this drug last only a few minutes. It's common for addicts to continue to chase the high for hours at a time. The lack of oxygen to the brain during this practice can often lead to a sudden loss of consciousness or death. Many abusers of these substances start as young as 12 years of age, making addiction treatment for inhaled substance abuse extremely important. With proper addiction treatment, addicts can garner the tools they need to gain true freedom from addiction. This is often achieved through a mixture of one-on-one and group therapy coupled with other treatment practices. Accepting their addiction and sharing their story is often one of the first steps necessary for addicts seeking addiction treatment for inhalant abuse. It's time to stop being afraid to speak out about addiction and recovery. Together, we can help to remove the stigma and become stronger as a community. If you know someone who is struggling with their addiction to inhalants, getting involved and sharing their story may be just what they need to get them on the path to a healthier life and secure their freedom from addiction. For more information about inhalants and addiction treatment, call Freedom From Addiction. You need answers and we can help.

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