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When it comes to finding hope when you are coping with addiction or love someone who is coping with addiction, the Internet can be an amazing support system. In it are blogs and websites where people share their pains, the grief, the struggles and their triumphs. Freedom From Addiction has the resources and support you need to get through these challenging times, we encourage you to listen to others stories and gain as much knowledge as possible on the disease. Cathy Taughinbaugh, a parent coach who helps parents who have a child struggling with addiction, put together a list of sites where you can go to find likeminded people dealing with addiction. We've highlighted ten sites. other than our own, to promote support and knowledge.

1. The Fix,

A news source, a hub for blogs that range from spirituality, a place where experts can answer your questions.The Fix is a one-stop shop for anyone who has questions, needs inspiration, is looking for recommendations for facilities and so much more. Be sure to bookmark this site.

2. Momastery,

The Momastery is headed by Glennon Doyle Melton, a recovering addict who turned her life around once she realized she was pregnant. Her story telling is truthful, honest and inspiring for anyone who is a parent, an addict or the parent of an addict.

3. Intervene,

A source for parents with children struggling with addiction, intervene is self-described as, "We work to reduce substance abuse among adolescents by supporting families and engaging with teens." If you're a parent who needs a network to reach out to, try here.

4. Sober Julie,

After coming to terms with her own alcoholism and losing work due to a terrible car accident, Julie started an online diary that has now become Sober Julie. In her own words, it's a blog about "finding the joys in life while living straight up! This is a place for all people, not just those in recovery because really we're all facing challenges and seeking a healthy, meaningful journey."

5. Addiction Blog,

Alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription drug addiction - this blog covers all of the following bases, as well as offering advice for anyone who has been raised by an addict, loves or lives with an addict or is an addict themselves. It's a great resource for varies types of addiction, offering practical life advice for all walks.

6. Sober College,

Sober College is a treatment for young adults, women and men. But its blog talks about everything from gambling addictions to selfie addictions. It talks about what makes rehab effective, how communities are working together to remedy addiction, new treatments for meth addicts and so on. It's an excellent resource for all things addiction.

7. Spiritual River,

The forum at Spiritual River is a great resource for anyone who is looking for a way to connect to others who are experiencing the same things as them. Responses post quickly and you can go back and research others questions.

8. SoberNation,

A national information resource database of recovery resources with links to addiction treatment centers, Sober Nation also provides a community for families and those struggling with addiction.

9. Sort My Life Solutions,

Beth is "an alcoholic who no longer needs a drink." And in her turned page, she shares her perspectives on life, from everything on how to get through tough times to using your memory. Her site is based in the U.K. but her perspectives are universal.

10. Breaking the Cycles,

Lisa Frederiksen is the force behind Breaking the Cycles, a site that provides education, prevention and intervention tools and tactics for everything from substance misuse, mental illness, addiction as a brain disease, secondhand drinking, dual diagnosis, underage drinking, help for families, treatment, recovery, brain health and more.

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