Living in active addiction can be like living in a prison. All addicts tell themselves they can stop on their own, but find themselves breaking their promises over and over. It’s a baffling experience for the addict. Freedom From Addiction was created by people who have been there. Many of our members—including our founder—are in recovery. We’re here to support you in your journey. We know that fighting addiction is hard but we also know it’s worth it! No matter how far you think you’ve fallen, recovery is always possible.


Everyone’s path to freedom is a personal journey. The majority of us—both addicts and family—require professional help. Some people enter treatment multiple times before finding long-term recovery. The most important thing is that you keep trying.

If you have a loved one with a substance use issue, the first step to his or her recovery may be an intervention. This is a thoroughly planned-out meeting where loved ones can express their feelings in a safe environment and explore treatment options together. For more information on interventions please see here.

Once a person has agreed to treatment, the next step is detoxification (detox) from the substance(s) of abuse. Detox often requires medical assistance, particularly when factors like other health conditions are present. For more on detox, please see here.

Rehabilitation (Rehab) is a recommended next step to increase the chances of success. A person may attend an inpatient or outpatient rehab, and this is where emotional freedom can begin. Components of rehab typically include psychotherapy, group therapy, peer support, and medical services. Please see here for more information on rehab.

People who complete treatment walk out feeling better than when they walked in. Addiction can be complicated, however, and just because an addict feels healthy doesn’t mean that treatment is over. Addiction requires ongoing maintenance just like any other disease. Participation in 12-step groups, meditation, healthy lifestyle choices, and sometimes practices like yoga are part of the ongoing “prescription” to keep us on-track and in recovery.


Recovery and beyond is like a breath of fresh air. When you’re free from your addiction you have freedom in your life, and substances no longer control you. You no longer worry about where you will use, when you will use, or how you will get the money to buy your drug of choice. When you’re free from addiction you can work on getting back the things that the addiction stole from you like relationships, your family, and your job. When you’re clean and sober you begin to feel well both mentally and physically. Life seems clearer, brighter, and more hopeful than it ever did before.

Starting the journey to freedom is the most positive step you can take, and we hope you’ll let Freedom From Addiction help you along the way.For stories from real people who have recovered from addictions, please see here.

Addiction stigma leads to negative—and sometimes unfair—perceptions about addicts, as well as people feeling shameful about their addiction. While it’s clear that stigma can affect every aspect of an addict’s life, it can also drastically affect other people as well. Family and friends are the unintended victims of addiction stigma.

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