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What should a single mother do to end their struggle with Addiction?
Mother And Daughter - Freedom From Addiction

My daughter is a single mother of two and an addict. She refuses to ask for help because she’s afraid of the consequences and the possible outcome for her children. She knows that she needs help. Where do we start? What can we expect?


Hi. Thank you for reaching out. It is clear that you care a lot about your daughter and want what is best for her. I empathize with your daughter as this is a difficult situation. While it is scary to admit that she has a problem and getting help, what is scarier is what might happen if she doesn’t get help.

Different treatment options exist, and what would be best for your daughter will depend on a number of factors. An assessment will assist in determining whether she will need medical detoxification to safely wean off the drugs she has been taking, this might be necessary depending on the type and amount of drug/alcohol she has been using and for how long.

If detox is not required, then treatment options range from Residential Treatment, which is usually a minimum of 30 days, to Outpatient Therapy, which she can attend while continuing to live at home and being present with her children.

When attending a less intensive treatment especially, it is often helpful to visit outside support groups which can either be AA/NA meetings or outside group meetings (i.e. Smart Recovery or an independent group therapy that focuses on drug and alcohol use). This helps as an adjunct to therapy to provide support and further commitment to change.

If you or someone you know is experiencing addiction, developing an adequate treatment plan is essential to achieve recovery. A free service like Freedom From Addiction can be of help to explore the different treatment options available.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to submit additional questions to follow up or contact us if you need anything at all.

* All responses provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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