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I am a functioning alcoholic. Could you give some advise on keeping treatment a secret?
Functioning Alcoholic - Freedom From Addiction

I am a local small town DJ, Host of a locally high profile Morning Show. I am also a functioning alcoholic, 10-20 beers daily, which over the years has affected every part of my life as usual. My concern about my job, and reputation as a local public personality are very real. Do you all have any insight as to a strategy to get treatment under the radar with nobody locally knowing?


Hi Jim! Thank you for reaching out. I imagine that might be difficult especially given your desire for confidentiality. Everything that happens in treatment is confidential, but of course, treatment centers are ultimately unable to control their clients and group therapy is a large component of treatment. If you go to a treatment center outside of your geographical location, you are less likely to have issues related to people knowing you. However, outpatient therapy with a private Psychologist who specializes in treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder is another good option. Given the amount you say you drink, you might need medical detoxification, so would first try to find detox centers or a Physician to do a complete medical assessment. 

It took courage to reach out and I am so glad that you did. Please feel free to write back with additional questions.

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