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Do I need Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to get sober?
Getting Sober - Freedom From Addiction

Do I need Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to get sober?


What is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is perhaps the most widely known program for overcoming alcohol addiction.  For decades, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings have been made up of fellowships of men and women who share their experiences, strengths and hope with one another in that they may solve their alcohol addiction problem and help others recover too. The only requirement for those seeking Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the strong desire to stop drinking for good.

Do I really need to go to a program like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to get sober?

There are many different ways to achieve sobriety. Some people attend regular outpatient individual therapy, others go to a more intense structured program. What is best will depend on each individual. However, many individuals do benefit from a supportive program like AA or other existing programs. Support groups where you can connect with others who have struggled with alcohol or substance abuse can help reduce fear and feelings of isolation. They also provide guidance, encouragement, and assistance staying motivated, as well as support during challenging times. Many recovered addicts continue to use these support groups in combination with other treatments or on their own to maintain sobriety. Staying sober involves learning new coping skills and establishing a healthier way of life.

Is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for Individuals in All Stages of Recovery?

Yes, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are designed for individuals who are in all stages of recovery, in addition to those who still drink, but would like to stop. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are expressed in the 12 Steps process, a process that was developed during the inception of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and now is embraced throughout the world as effective alcohol addiction treatment.

Getting Started with an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction Freedom from Addiction is here to get started. Depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction problem, withdrawal symptoms may range from mild to severe and the duration of alcohol detox treatment may vary as well. If you’re in recovery from alcoholism and would like to connect with others who are in recovery, an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program can help you feel less alone. Call us today to get started.

* All responses provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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