Who We Are

Freedom From Addiction is an online resource center, community, and support network aimed at ending the stigma associated with substance abuse and drug addiction. We are combating the opioid overdose epidemic and raising awareness of the human rights crisis that is crippling our nation. One day at a time, one life at a time. We intend to give the public a voice for recovery by promoting awareness through real life experiences, and by providing practical information and genuine support.

We are the voice of the people who want to spare the lives of those afflicted by addiction and carry healing into the lives of families that are struggling silently. We believe the solution lies in integration, not isolation. Freedom From Addiction is a solution-oriented community and online resource center that believes recovery is possible by providing a venue for social acceptance.

Addiction is an elusive disease and can be even more elusive to treat.  New treatment methods must be explored and it’s a hope that our efforts may aid society in discovering a solution or better health care treatment that will allow more individuals to recover from addiction.

We believe that as a community, we can make an impact to end the current addiction epidemic, spare lives, and heal families through a collective and unified effort. Addiction is absolutely everywhere and spares no one. It’s time that we stop reading obituaries and start creating stories of recovery!

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