Hollywood Heroin and Why the More Toxic the Drug the More Desirable It Is

 Hollywood Heroin - Freedom From Addiction

There’s a new heroin on the market that has already taken lives in Western Massachusetts. It killed five people in just 48 hours over the holidays and has made its way to Boston already. The heroin is called Hollywood because of a stamp on its packaging and comes from Mexico. So, why would anyone still be after this particular brand of heroin knowing how deadly it is? WCVB reports: “Its lethal notoriety makes it the brand to chase. So in all reality, that Hollywood is a good batch, a potent batch and that’s what people in addiction are looking for in their lives.”

The report goes on to share facts that an “estimated 100,000 lives were lost to the opioid epidemic last year.” Addicts in recovery in the area are following the story on social media. A few in the report reflect back on their life with addiction, saying the idea of going without is more terrifying than the idea of dying itself, which is why the lethal dose isn’t one addicts will shy away from, making spreading the word about the batch necessary to keep friends and family on the lookout up to date. Those same recovering addicts agree the most potent weapon against this epidemic is outreach.

As of now in Springfield, four dealers suspected of selling Hollywood are being held on half a million bail in Massachusetts. Some 900 bags of the drug were confiscated.

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