R&B Singer Chaka Khan Enters Rehab

Chaka Khan has enters rehab for fentanyl - Freedom From Addiction

Grammy award-winning R&B singer, Chaka Khan has decided to enter rehab for her addiction to fentanyl. Khan does this on the heels of the death of her friend, Prince, who recently died of an opioid overdose in April of this year. Several years ago, Khan underwent knee surgery, it was then that her addiction to opioid drugs began. Khan had been to rehab in 2013 for the same addiction. At which time, Khan made a statement on her website and referenced her own battle.


“. . . The battle of addiction is a serious and long process, which is why I chose to address my use of prescription medications—which came about as a result of th m,.e knee surgery I had a few years ago. When and if necessary, I will seek alternative methods and traditional treatment to stay ahead of any potential problem.  So many are not here today, and have lost this battle with addiction. Because these medications are legal, their abuse is often unknown—until it’s too late. If not handled they are a silent killer.”


Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid pain reliever, most commonly used in a hospital setting. It is highly addictive and extremely dangerous. It is more potent than heroin and 100x stronger than morphine, as it produces similar feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Because of Fentanyl’s high expense and difficulty to procure, rehabilitation from this drug is sometimes difficult due to clinics sometimes being ill-equipped for the treatment of this drug.

Chaka Khan is an example of what a journey out of addiction looks like. There are missteps and relapses. There is no perfect answer for a single person. Seeking help and reaching out can be the first step of many on the road to recovery. Finding a clinic that specializes in your specific addiction, can also help you on your path to success.  For more information about addiction; please visit our website.

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